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Gordon® method

The Gordon® method was developed by Dr. Thomas Gordon. This method is based on the humanistic psychology of - among others - Carl Rogers.
The important underlying value of this method is equality in relationships so everyone can be him- or herself and take responsibility, taking into account the needs of others.

P.E.T is a compassionate guide that helps parents teach their children self-discipline and the skills to negotiate win-win solutions and resolve conflicts, while stressing the ineffectiveness of external punishment.

The official launch of the Gordon's P.E.T in the Netherlands was in 1979. The P.E.T. course is now taught in 53 countries around the world. In addition to the Parent Effectiveness Training, Dr Gordon has developed Gordon® courses for several other groups such as adults, young people, teachers, daycare staff, welfare professionals and managers.

The NET foundation has the exclusive rights of the Gordon® program. More information about the method and a list of all recognized trainers can be found at www.gordontraining.nl

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Research in Australia shows positive effects in parents' parenting behavior. Parents score significantly higher in listening skills and conflict resolution skills. (...) There are improved relationships between parents and children and less parental stress.